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FICTION: No one is in charge.
FACT: To say there is no one in charge is simply not accurate.

  • •    The Selectmen are the executive officers of the town. They are now and will remain ultimately responsible for  the town.
  • •    The Executive Director currently has authority consistent with many town administrators ......
  • •    The elected boards are in charge of delivery of specialized services (Schools, library, DPW, NRC, etc.).......

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FROM OUR CHAIR - Don McCauley, Chair, Save Wellesley Town Government 

On Tuesday, March 15, Wellesley residents will vote on whether or not to dramatically alter our current form of government.  We have organized to defeat this ballot question; we believe the proposed structure has insufficient checks and balances, and will significantly diminish the citizen involvement that has built the institutions which have made Wellesley strong.  To read entire message click here

Don McCauley has served Wellesley as Selectman, Chair of the North 40 Steering Committee, Chair of the Planning Board, and as Advisory Committee member. He is currently a Town Meeting member.






A No Vote on the Special Act doesn’t mean all the study that’s been done so far will go to waste.

 A No Vote means we want to continue the process until we reach greater consensus on what is best for Wellesley.

A No Vote will allow us the time to produce a solution that puts democratic safeguards in writing … A solution that preserves and enhances effective citizen-run government in our Town.