Don McCauley, Chair
Ann Rappaport, Treasurer
Advisory Board                                                                     
Owen Dugan, Sr.
Laura Fragasso
Todd Himstead
Peter Jones
Gordon Kingsley
Suzanne Littlefield
Matthew McKay
Allan Port
Pamela Posey
Heather Sawitsky
Lloyd Tarlin
Michael Tobin
Beth Sullivan Woods

Marlene Allen
Melinda Arias-Voci
Al Voci
Naomi Cameron
Richard Carls
Linda Cohen
Shepard Cohen
James Conlin
Fred DeFinis
Vincent DeVito
Edwin Donahue
Wayne Everett
Lemonia Fotiadis
Thomas Frisardi
Joan Gaughan
Marina Gil-Santamaria
Linda Griffith
Heidi Gross
Herbert H. Gross
Kevin Hanron
Doug Hersh
Matthew Hornung
Ann Howley
Larry Kaplan, MD
Dan Kemp
Susan Kemp

Janet King
Ann-Mara Lanza
John Lanza
Regina LaRocque
Sarah Little, Ph.D.
Josh Littlefield
Henry Lyden
Marjorie Lyden
Laurel Lyle
Steve Lyle
Peter Marx
Ann Marie McCauley
Barbara McMahon
Raina McManus
Michael McManus
Paul H. Merry
Corinne Monahan
Barbara Morgenthaler
David Moy
Terry Moy
Stephen Murphy
Suzanne Newman
John O'Sullivan
Pat O'Sullivan
Lise Olney
Suzanne Rowe Palacino

David Powell
Elizabeth Powell
Sara Preston
Carey Rappaport
James Roberti
Betsy Roberti
Deborah Robi
Marla Robinson
Clifford Robinson
Elisa Romano
Ralph Blair
Kitt Sawitsky
Ed Schaeffer
Cynthia Scott
Larry Scott
Maura Shoulkin
Donald C. Simonson
Marcia Testa Simonson
Lois C. Sullivan
Roy Switzler
Jean Wiecha
Jessica Wolfe
Gary Woods
Kathleen Woodward
David Wright
Pamela Bristah
Andy Wrobel
Marian Wrobel


"Governance is also influenced by tradition. It is important to be aware of tradition as a factor in planning for change. Tradition is the Wellesley custom of doing things, it could be done another way  without legal change."  

 "There is a value in inviting citizen participation on issues. Sometimes a single issue gets a person involved resulting in a broader contribution to the town. If we set up a professional structure, there are fewer opportunities for citizens to engage."  





Wellesley Square’s Central Street clock

Who are we?

We are a group of concerned citizens from all walks of life, and with diverse political views. Some of us have been members of elected boards while others of us have been appointed to boards and committees; many of us serve or have served on Town Meeting. Most of us have been deeply involved in citizen-led initiatives or have advocated for town projects.

Wellesley has a long and proud history of transparent, responsive, effective and efficient small town government, which has made Wellesley a leader in Massachusetts.

Let’s keep it that way.