We need to keep our government accountable to the voters

Why you should vote NO on the "Special Act "

APPOINTED TOWN MANAGER REPORTS ONLY TO SELECTMEN, not the citizens of the town nor the elected boards. The Special Act makes it harder for voices of town residents and grass-roots advocacy groups to be heard.
CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT WITH FEWER CHECKS AND BALANCES will deprive Wellesley of the extraordinary volunteer energy of our citizens.
REMOVES AUTHORITY FROM ELECTED CITIZEN-RUN BOARDS by authorizing the Town Manager to hire, fire, supervise, and manage town employees.
OPEN MEETING LAWS DO NOT APPLY to decisions made by the Town Manager, reducing transparency and responsiveness of town government.

Why you should vote NO on the "Special Act "

    NO PROPOSED COST SAVINGS, ONLY LIKELY BUDGET INCREASES  because of higher management salaries and a shift of responsibility from volunteers to paid staff.
    OPPOSED BY MANY ELECTED BOARDS AND OFFICIALS including the Library Trustees, Natural Resources Commission, Recreation Commission and Board of Health, who feel that Town boards won’t be able to be truly responsive to voters.
    CHANGE OF THIS MAGNITUDE DESERVES CAREFUL RELECTION, as it is almost impossible to undo. No consensus on the details of the Special Act was achieved at Town Meeting.


    Wellesley was built upon the foundation of community involvement. Being an involved and engaged resident means taking an active role in making our community the best it can be. We want to preserve and save what has made Wellesley rated #1 in terms of the quality of life in Massachusetts.

    Join us by voting on March 15, 2016 during Wellesley's Annual Election in urging the town to find community-driven solutions that involve the wants and desires of its residents, and not just the perspective of one individual.