Message from Our Chair


On Tuesday, March 15, Wellesley residents will vote on whether or not to dramatically alter our current form of government.  We have organized to defeat this ballot question; we believe the proposed structure has insufficient checks and balances, and will significantly diminish the citizen involvement that has built the institutions which have made Wellesley strong.

We are not opposed to change; we are opposed to this extreme form of Town Manager, which consolidates authority in one person who is answerable only to the Board of Selectmen and dramatically reduces the importance of other Town boards.

Wellesley’s current form of government is not in crisis.  Wellesley is one of the few towns with an AAA bond rating, a hallmark of an exceptionally well-run municipality.  It is known for its outstanding schools, a vibrant library, beautiful parks, and cutting edge sustainability initiatives.  These features are the direct result of the activism of its large group of civic volunteers who passionately promote and maintain the excellence of its institutions.

We ask you to join with us to VOTE NO, defeat this proposal and pursue a more moderate restructuring that will continue to draw upon the talents and commitment of its residents.

Don McCauley
Chair, Save Wellesley Town Government