Out Secret Formula

Lois Sullivan Precinct C – Highlights from Special Town Meeting

November, 2015

…our secret to me are the people…we should not too casually throw away what is our culture. I consider that our special thing….”


…I think most every big project this town meeting has done, it has had that pause while we got the information back. But now we have a whole list of laws and bylaws and pounds of paper that we’re supposed to act quickly on, what I consider the biggest vote this town meeting will ever take. This is bigger than the high school, this is a major deal for us. We’re changing the culture of this town….

…One thing that was said last night that I found very upsetting, I think the word was from the committee that they found these other towns were thriving. Well, that indicates maybe we aren’t thriving? I personally think we are and you just look around at what we’ve done...you’ve done an exceptional job because in these 10 years look what we’ve done for heaven sakes, we have built a huge high school for god knows how much money, we’ve renovated and re-renovated a lot of other buildings, we’ve done open space, we bought more land than probably any other town around us. They ought to be coming to us and say how did you do it? What’s your secret? Well, our secret to me are the people. It’s this town meeting and the volunteers who every night you can drive around this town and see lights on all over. It’s our volunteers working hard for this town with their ideas and their passion especially those who stand for election.

It’s not fun to stand for election. A lot of you people have stood for election, it’s not something you do easily…But all of us who did it found it enrichment in our lives, that’s hard to put a word on it. Every one of us gained from that experience and so I think we should not too casually throw away what is our culture. I consider that our special thing.

For many years I tried to sell real estate. I’d drive people around our towns around here and I’d tell you I can’t tell the difference between Wayland, Weston, Sudbury - - they all just merge together for me. But when you cross the line and you come home to Wellesley you know where you are. You see the trees that the NRC guarded for us, you sit in traffic on Washington Street (which I hope this town manager has the answer for that) and you look at the open space they guarded for us. I absolutely believe unless the NRC remains independent, someone is going to grab some of that land for something very worthy but nevertheless it will be gone.

We have special boards who have special jobs and they love this town. This is an important decision and I hope you’ll take plenty of time to think about it and vote carefully. Thank you


Vote NO on Question #1 - Special Act, March 15, 2016