Concerns About the Future of the Library

Amanda Henshon–Wellesley Townsman, March 10, 2016

“A risky scheme like the one proposed might make sense if Wellesley were a struggling municipality – or perhaps if the Library were lacking.  It is not.  Are we prepared to take a chance on this new plan that is as extreme as any adopted in Massachusetts?”  

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More Library Concerns

Deirdre Hearn–Wellesley Townsman, March 10, 2016

“Library trustees in the vast majority of Massachusetts towns hire and manage the library director, not the town manager…..The TGSC never reported this fact to Town Meeting, and they acknowledged, upon questioning, that they never even discussed this issue in all their interviews with other town managers.

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Joan DeFinis–Wellesley Townsman   February 25, 2016

The Wellesley Free Library (WFL) is one of our brightest gems!  It has been skillfully managed and enhanced over time and offers a state of the art library experience for all ages and interests.  In FY 2015 the WFL reported 371,568 people walked through the doors; each with an individual reason for visiting the Library.

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Special Act – Impact on Wellesley’s Library Services

Read this well-researched background piece entitled “Special Act – Impact on Wellesley’s Library Services” about how the Special Act conflicts with Massachusetts General Laws, how it will cause problems and why it is bad for the Wellesley Free Library.
“The Board shall have the custody and management of the library and the reading room and all property owned by the town relating thereto. All money raised or appropriated by the town for its support and maintenance shall be expended by the board.”

                                                             MGL Chapter 78, Section 11

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