Costly to Remove Town Manager

Winchendon Approves $300k Buyout of Town Manager’s Contract

The agreement — reached with “guidance and advice” from the town’s labor and employment attorney — said that selectmen have determined there is “no cause” for his termination and therefore, must offer him a buyout to avoid a “protracted and costly” legal battle that could expose the town to a wrongful termination suit that could cost more than $2 million plus legal fees.

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Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Royall H. Switzler–Wellesley Townsman   February 25, 2015

Having involvement with Wellesley government for over 55 years; with that experience, I’m not a believer in centralization.  As much as I’ve heard that Question 1, on March 15th’s Town Ballot, is not centralization, it is centralization!

I’ve heard all sides debated and concluded that this By-law change isn’t going to fix anything, that can’t already be fixed within our current government structure.  It’s also going to be costly, with no assurance, where savings would come.

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Town Manager and Your Taxes

Undisclosed Spending To Date:

Proponents have spent an undisclosed sum of our money to push through the Special Act. To date, the Town Government Study Committee (TGSC) has received two separate appropriations at Town Meeting (totaling $47,000) to study our town government and pose alternatives. Yet another appropriation of an unknown amount is expected to be requested at Annual Town Meeting in April. This third request will include additional money needed for already accrued legal services.

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