Commentary: A fundamental, unnecessary and damaging change

Heather Sawitsky–Wellesley Townsman, March 10, 2016

“Do we want to structure our government like a corporation? We should be recognized for what we are: citizens who pay the taxes and are entitled to receive town services. We are not customers who can buy town products elsewhere if we are unhappy with what Wellesley provides. Further, we are not all looking for the same basket of services.”

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Editor’s Note: Ms. Sawitsky is a former Moderator and Advisory Chair.

The Myth about ‘The Map’: Another reason to vote no on Question 1

By Marcia Testa Simonson, M.P.H., M.Phil., Ph.D–Wellesley Townsman March 3.

It seemed that most of the audience believed the story this map was telling because in all its geographical sophistication and vivid colors, it just looked so convincing. However, neither the map, nor the story behind it, was an accurate portrayal of the real data.”

TGSC Map                                     Detailed Map

TGSC mapSWTG Map 4

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Town Government and the Power of the Citizen Voice

Pamela Posey–Wellesley Townsman COMMENTARY February 25, 2016

Why we should vote NO on March 15

I’m writing with the privileged perspective of a Wellesley resident who learned firsthand how our town government functions at its best, how it protects the power and voice of its citizens. The big outcomes in our town, the ones we feel proudest of, are the result of many voices, vision and energy that percolates from all directions and from people coming together. And our current government fosters this collaborative climate. Let’s not throw it away.

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Town Manager and Your Taxes

Undisclosed Spending To Date:

Proponents have spent an undisclosed sum of our money to push through the Special Act. To date, the Town Government Study Committee (TGSC) has received two separate appropriations at Town Meeting (totaling $47,000) to study our town government and pose alternatives. Yet another appropriation of an unknown amount is expected to be requested at Annual Town Meeting in April. This third request will include additional money needed for already accrued legal services.

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We don’t support the government study committee’s proposals

By Library Trustees, Posted 9/30/2015 in

“We believe that the current proposal for governmental change, if implemented, could make it impossible for Trustees to do this job effectively. We further believe that the changes proposed have the potential to lead to a deterioration of our library and the services that it provides.”

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