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Wellesley Townsman, March 15, 2016

Voters Tuesday rejected the proposed shift to a Town Manager form of government that would have overhauled Wellesley Town Hall power structure, consolidating authority and installing a leader who would have overseen the development of the town’s budget and evaluation of town employees.

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Hometown Weekly Weighs In on Town Manager Question

Hometown Weekly

Big Referendum Coming Up in Wellesley–Hometown Weekly.

Wellesley has always had passionate volunteers who care about their town. The upcoming March 15th town referendum on town government is no exception. Legions of volunteers will be posting signs in yards and campaigning for their side of the ballot question: Should Wellesley switch from its current town administrator form of government to a much more centralized – and less transparent– town manager form of government? We spoke to the Vote No campaigners of, a broad array of high-schoolers to 90-year-olds, environmental activists to fiscal conservatives, physicians to lawyers to management consultants.

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Messy Divorces–Terminating a Town Manager can be messy and costly.

Wellesley has been fortunate in having several long-serving and dedicated Executives. By contrast, the average tenure of a town manager nationally is just seven years. Termination can be contentious and also expensive, especially when legal costs are factored in. Here are some interesting articles the difficulties in firing a town manager.

Stoughton, MA

Police and Fire unions want town manager out.

Wayland, MA

Town manager abruptly dismissed

Saugus, MA

Town manager suspended

Andover, MA

Assistant town manager fired

Narragansett, RI

Costly termination pact for town manager

Around Massachusetts–Boston Globe

Firing considered “occupational hazard”

Bridgewater, MA

Issues with town manager

Cohasset, MA

Potential suspension or termination for TM

ST. Johnsbury, VT

$175k payment to fired town manager

Costly to Remove Town Manager

Winchendon Approves $300k Buyout of Town Manager’s Contract

The agreement — reached with “guidance and advice” from the town’s labor and employment attorney — said that selectmen have determined there is “no cause” for his termination and therefore, must offer him a buyout to avoid a “protracted and costly” legal battle that could expose the town to a wrongful termination suit that could cost more than $2 million plus legal fees.

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Selectman, residents call for removal of Stoughton town manager

Stoughton, MA   Selectman David “Spanky” Sousa said Hartman has to go.

“The town manager has to be fired. If I try to ask him something, I don’t get the truth,” Sousa said. “He is not the right fit for this town. If we have to buy his contract out, I think it will be the best quarter of a million dollars this town has ever spent.”

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