Commentary: For NRC, study committee’s proposal is a bad idea

By Judy Nicolson, former NRC director, Posted 10/2/2015 in

“It is not easy to act the policeman; to say No to the powers-that-be. Yet an essential part of the mandate of the NRC is just that—you can’t be a good steward of open space, lakes, streams and wildlife unless you are in a position to say No to abuse or inappropriate development by anyone or by any other governmental body. This is why the proposal of the Town Government Study Committee to give control of the NRC budget and staff to a Deputy Town Manager…is a bad idea.”

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Friends of the WFL concerned about the town manager proposal

by Susan Calcio, President of Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries, Posted 10/9/2015 in

“As the President of the Friends of the Wellesley Free Libraries, I am concerned about the Town Government Study Committee’s recommendation that a town manager should assume responsibility for the hiring, firing and assessment of the library director and for the library’s budget.”

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We don’t support the government study committee’s proposals

By Library Trustees, Posted 9/30/2015 in

“We believe that the current proposal for governmental change, if implemented, could make it impossible for Trustees to do this job effectively. We further believe that the changes proposed have the potential to lead to a deterioration of our library and the services that it provides.”

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