Town Manager and Your Taxes

Undisclosed Spending To Date:

Proponents have spent an undisclosed sum of our money to push through the Special Act. To date, the Town Government Study Committee (TGSC) has received two separate appropriations at Town Meeting (totaling $47,000) to study our town government and pose alternatives. Yet another appropriation of an unknown amount is expected to be requested at Annual Town Meeting in April. This third request will include additional money needed for already accrued legal services.

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Vote ‘no’ on town manager proposal

By Lois Sullivan, Posted 2/11/16, Wellesley Townsman

Town Meeting has ended after a historic vote to change the way Wellesley is governed. It left me discouraged, amazed and upset. Important issues have normally been thoughtfully decided after options have been explored, debated and then a final plan brought back to Town Meeting for a vote. That did not happen this time and it leaves me asking why. I am left questioning the whole process and wondering why things unfolded the way they did.

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Commentary: Vote no on Special Act changing our form of government.

Originally Posted Feb. 11, 2016 at 4:48 PM  (Wellesley Townsman)


By Donald S. McCauley

On March 15, the residents of Wellesley will decide whether to approve a Special Act creating a selectmen/town manager form of government that will significantly concentrate authority in the hands of a single official, the town manager.

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Message from Our Chair


On Tuesday, March 15, Wellesley residents will vote on whether or not to dramatically alter our current form of government.  We have organized to defeat this ballot question; we believe the proposed structure has insufficient checks and balances, and will significantly diminish the citizen involvement that has built the institutions which have made Wellesley strong.

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Special Act – Impact on Wellesley’s Library Services

Read this well-researched background piece entitled “Special Act – Impact on Wellesley’s Library Services” about how the Special Act conflicts with Massachusetts General Laws, how it will cause problems and why it is bad for the Wellesley Free Library.
“The Board shall have the custody and management of the library and the reading room and all property owned by the town relating thereto. All money raised or appropriated by the town for its support and maintenance shall be expended by the board.”

                                                             MGL Chapter 78, Section 11

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Wellesley Board of Health Statement in Opposition to the Special Act Question

Read  this position paper entitled “WELLESLEY BOARD of HEALTH Statement in Opposition to the Special Act Question” on how the Special Act will impact public health, how it conflicts with Massachusetts General Laws, and how it separates the  the involvement of it residents from the public health services they receive.

Excerpts from this article

“The Special Act undermines the ability of the Board of Health to carry out its responsibilities and powers mandated under Massachusetts General Laws by stripping the Board of its direct management and supervision of the Health Department staff, who have traditionally served as its “health agents.”

“Since only the duly elected Board of Health has the jurisdictional authority as granted by the Commonwealth to enforce public health laws, the proposed town government plan leaves the Board with no health agent employees, and the Health Department employees with no jurisdictional authority.”

“A hired town manager with no public health knowledge, skills or aptitude should NOT be managing and supervising the Health Department.”

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Grateful for way the town safeguards our health

By John and Ann-Mara Lanza, Posted 2/11/16, Wellesley Townsman

By now, we have all heard the news reports from Flint, Michigan, where a contaminated water supply has poisoned a generation of Americans. When we hear these reports, and we look at our children, we cannot help but be grateful for the citizens who volunteer their time to keep our drinking water safe. The residents of Flint were abandoned by an appointed manager who prioritized money over health. The elected city council was sidelined, leaving the citizens with no voice. In the words of NPR’s Jack Beatty, it was “a failure of democracy.”

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Send that proposal back for more study

By Gary Woods, Posted 11/25/2015 in

“As I watched the numerous town meetings over the last several weeks I was anticipating a discussion on good management practices as documented by people like Peter Drucker, Charles Handy or others who have studied the practice of management. Since the dawn of time, the rule has been that a person can effectively have four direct reports.”

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Why library trustees to not support study committee’s recommendations

By Beth Sullivan Woods, Posted 10/29/15

The transfer of responsibility for hiring, supervision and firing of the library director from the library trustees to the town manager, effectively transfers supervision of the library to the town manager. This leaves the board with no way to ensure that its policy decisions and strategic plans will be carried out – that the best interests of the library users will be protected.”

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