From Our Supporters – 2/26/2016

Some Contributions from Followers

Excellent presentation!

The presence and leadership here is broad based, responsible-minded, thoughtful and committed to the traditional representative government this town has enjoyed and needs to continue enjoying. I share these values and support its efforts in preserving the health and standards of the current system.

I’ve lived in Wellesley 30 years. Nothing I’ve observed in the governance of the town over that time has suggested the need to replace our current inclusive system with an autocrat.

Keep up the good work!

I am very concerned about the loss of autonomy that the NRC, Board of Health and Planning will experience and the effect this will have on the beauty and nature/health aesthetics of our town, as well as environmental and health regulations. I am willing to write a letter to the editor in conjunction with this group.

Put me to work!

Great job!