Vote ‘no’ on town manager proposal

By Lois Sullivan, Posted 2/11/16, Wellesley Townsman

Town Meeting has ended after a historic vote to change the way Wellesley is governed. It left me discouraged, amazed and upset. Important issues have normally been thoughtfully decided after options have been explored, debated and then a final plan brought back to Town Meeting for a vote. That did not happen this time and it leaves me asking why. I am left questioning the whole process and wondering why things unfolded the way they did.

  • Why did TGSC give Town Meeting only one option to consider when recommending such a sweeping change?
  • Why couldn’t the identified administrative issues in our government be solved with more modest improvements?
  • Why wasn’t the one structural issue concerning reorganizing the Building, Planning and land use departments — identified as a cornerstone improvement by TGSC — even presented to Town Meeting?
  • Why did the Board of Selectmen recommend a stronger role for themselves and a weaker role for Advisory?
  • Why do changes to zoning bylaws require a two-thirds vote but a total change to town government only needs a simple majority vote?
  • Why was a question asked in December by a Town Meeting Member about the legal costs of this process not able to be answered in February?
  • Why do we think a paid professional will care more about our town, its services and its culture than our own highly talented and committed citizens?
  • Why am I so upset? Because it is our town and we could have done so much better. Please join me in sending this back by voting NO on March 15.