Friend of the North Forty is Concerned

“As a Friend of the North 40,  I feel strongly against our town becoming centralized under the authority of a Town Manager.  Please read Donald McCauley’s recent article if you have not already seen it (Townsman, Feb 11, attached).  What happens if members of the NRC board wanted to keep North 40 undeveloped, while the Town Mgr. wanted to build on it?  The NRC director, who would be appointed by the Town Mgr.,  would have to decide whether to represent the board members and or to favor the person that gave him a job.”

Janet King

Upland Rd

Globe West–Don McCauley on Reasons to Vote “NO”

Don McCauley–Boston Globe West  February 27, 2016

Wellesley resident, former member of the Board of Selectmen, the Planning Board, and the Advisory Committee

“Massachusetts permits a dizzying array of municipal structures with differing allocation of responsibilities among administrators, boards, staff, and citizens. No size fits all. There are probably 351 varieties, in a state with that many cities and towns. The task is to use the alternatives to make improvements and maintain strengths”.


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Serious Concerns From Sustainable Wellesley

Quentin Prideaux, President, Sustainable Wellesley, on behalf of the SW Leadership Team–From Wellesley Townsman February 25, 2016

“We do not go to a doctor who is paid by a fast-food company, to a lawyer who represents our adversary, or to a financial advisor with only one CD to sell. We go to impartial experts who are free to speak their mind, and having listened to their advice, we decide, not them or their backers.”

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From Our Supporters – 2/26/2016

Some Contributions from Followers

Excellent presentation!

The presence and leadership here is broad based, responsible-minded, thoughtful and committed to the traditional representative government this town has enjoyed and needs to continue enjoying. I share these values and support its efforts in preserving the health and standards of the current system.

I’ve lived in Wellesley 30 years. Nothing I’ve observed in the governance of the town over that time has suggested the need to replace our current inclusive system with an autocrat.

Keep up the good work!

I am very concerned about the loss of autonomy that the NRC, Board of Health and Planning will experience and the effect this will have on the beauty and nature/health aesthetics of our town, as well as environmental and health regulations. I am willing to write a letter to the editor in conjunction with this group.

Put me to work!

Great job!



Let’s Keep Government in the Hands of the Citizens

Dan Kemp–Wellesley Townsman  February 25, 2016

Local democratic government based on voluntary citizen participation is one of New England’s greatest gifts to America.  For the 32 years I have lived in Wellesley, town government, executed through dedicated volunteer citizen boards, has functioned extremely well. Now, despite the long-term success of our town democracy, we have a proposal to take town government out of the hands of its citizens and vest it in a powerful, unelected town manager, who would be insulated from accountability by a multi-year contract and exempt from open-meeting laws. This would be a huge mistake for the town.

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Joan DeFinis–Wellesley Townsman   February 25, 2016

The Wellesley Free Library (WFL) is one of our brightest gems!  It has been skillfully managed and enhanced over time and offers a state of the art library experience for all ages and interests.  In FY 2015 the WFL reported 371,568 people walked through the doors; each with an individual reason for visiting the Library.

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Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater

Royall H. Switzler–Wellesley Townsman   February 25, 2015

Having involvement with Wellesley government for over 55 years; with that experience, I’m not a believer in centralization.  As much as I’ve heard that Question 1, on March 15th’s Town Ballot, is not centralization, it is centralization!

I’ve heard all sides debated and concluded that this By-law change isn’t going to fix anything, that can’t already be fixed within our current government structure.  It’s also going to be costly, with no assurance, where savings would come.

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Perspective of a longtime School Committee Member

Suzi Newman–Wellesley Townsman  February 25, 2016

As a Town Meeting Member, I voted against the Town Manager proposal as it seemed unfair to remove budgeting from any board’s authority. To suggest that boards would still be permitted to decide policies and initiatives seemed to ignore the fact that most policies and initiatives require a thorough grounding in budget details to be implemented. Continue reading “Perspective of a longtime School Committee Member”

Town Government and the Power of the Citizen Voice

Pamela Posey–Wellesley Townsman COMMENTARY February 25, 2016

Why we should vote NO on March 15

I’m writing with the privileged perspective of a Wellesley resident who learned firsthand how our town government functions at its best, how it protects the power and voice of its citizens. The big outcomes in our town, the ones we feel proudest of, are the result of many voices, vision and energy that percolates from all directions and from people coming together. And our current government fosters this collaborative climate. Let’s not throw it away.

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